Special Recognition

Post date: Oct 4, 2015 9:33:41 PM

Congratulations to Sami San who becomes the only person EVER to have been awarded the JKS Bradford trophy for all three periods of the year. Lately, his attitude, attendance and performance have come on leaps and bounds and this has been noticed and commented on by several senior grades. We could all do with taking a leaf out of his book from time to time! Long may his enthusiasm continue. Very well done!

(The JKS Bradford trophy is potentially awarded every four months on grading day to anyone who has stood out over and above everyone else, perhaps for marked improvement in training attitude, or for doing good deeds for the club, such as introducing several new members, or organising fundraising activities, etc. It is a recognition of merit and is not awarded to anyone if no one has stood out. In other words, it has to be earned.)