If you are a complete beginner, joining us is as simple as turning up to train. Wear anything loose, bare feet, no jewellery, long hair suitably restrained. Have a word with one of the senior grades on arrival and you will be welcomed. The first lesson is free.

If you have trained in the past, and particularly if you have graded, then it is good etiquette to contact one of the instructors before coming to train so that we have a good understanding of your background.

To join the club, you will need to provide:

  1. a completed application form
  2. a passport sized photo of yourself
  3. the appropriate fee.

Once you have joined we can, if you wish, organise a dogi (karate suit) for you (there is an additional charge for this).

JKS Bradford operates a referral scheme. If you are a paid-up member and introduce new members to the club then you receive £10 per paid-up member you introduce. Simply print off some flyers (A4 or A5), write your own name on the back and give them to anyone you think who would benefit from training with us. If they subsequently join the club (they must pay their full membership fee) then you receive £10 (conditions apply).