Robin Sensei - 5th Dan

Robin Sensei started karate with KUGB in 1981 as part of his school youth club. He continued training at Bradford University under Sensei Dave Marshall, still with KUGB.

In the mid-1990s he moved clubs to join Kirkstall Karate Club under Sensei Phil Heron (SKI). He progressed through his Kyu grades, all of which were undertaken by senior Dan grades, including Sensei Bob Rhodes (KUGB), Sensei Enoeda (KUGB) and Sensei Asano (SKI).

In 2002, the Kirkstall club closed down and he went on a hunt for a new place to train, before discovering JKS Bradford. Since then he has graded to Shodan under Kagawa Sensei, Nidan under Yamaguchi Sensei, Sandan under Yamaguchi Sensei, Yondan under Kagawa Shihan and Kanayama Sensei, and Godan under Kagawa Shihan.

He has taken part in various tournaments, including the JKS World Championships in Okinawa in 2007. He has also written a number of karate articles that have been published in magazines, both online and in print.